Arlene Rodriguez

Arlene has worked in Springfield for several years, first as a professor of English and now as the Dean of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences at Springfield Technical Community College. While she was finishing her Ph.D program at UMass, she lived in Holyoke as a convenient half-way point. However, when it came to buying her first home, Arlene chose Springfield and couldn’t be happier!

 Arlene lives in a friendly neighborhood close to the Watershops Pond and the college where she works. She has a quick and easy (and inexpensive) commute and can even take the bus in when gas prices get too high. She loves the ease of getting on I-91, so her friends and family in New York can visit her. Arlene lived in New York for many years, and ranks Springfield’s diversity as very similar to that city’s. She loves that she can get Puerto Rican food at small local markets, as well as foods she’s less familiar with at the Vietnamese and other ethnic shops.

 Arlene thinks it is important to live and work in the same community. She loves her large yard (as do her nephews from New York!), and is so happy she decided to move here. She loves the cultural offerings of Springfield’s downtown, especially City Stage, and would encourage others to move to Springfield to enjoy a truly diverse small-city lifestyle.

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