Heather & Dylan Burakiewicz

Heather and Dylan Burakiewicz moved to Springfield from Chicopee just days before the June 2011 tornado. As they were moving in, neighbors stopped by to introduce themselves, offer a hand with moving, and bring housewarming gifts. They were pleasantly surprised by this outpouring of neighborliness, and saw it again in post-tornado clean up.

Both are teachers in the Springfield public school system and wanted to live in the community where they work. Dylan especially wanted to feel as if he could have an influence on local politics. The couple enjoys the Springfield Museums and the city’s many ethnic restaurants, and they love chicken wings and beer which they find at Theodore’s and Sophia’s establishments. They also like the Springfield Public Forum’s free public lectures and the Springfield Falcon’s Hockey Team.

Heather used to live in Eastern Mass and loves the lack of traffic congestion in Springfield. “You can get anywhere in the city in fifteen minutes,” she says. The couple also appreciate the recycling and curbside trash pick up in the city. Their Springfield neighborhood is one where parents know that their children are safe playing in the street because it is so quiet and peaceful.

One thing that surprised Heather was how much green space there is in Springfield. She can walk to a park to from her home, and sees runners and bike riders enjoying the city streets. Dylan says to people thinking of moving to the city, “You’re not going to find a better neighborhood than this one.” 

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