Jessica & Michael Hall

Michael grew up in Springfield and left to serve in the Marines. Afterwards, he settled in Worcester. Jessica grew up in, and was living in, Rhode Island when they met. On deciding to marry, they also decided to buy a house. They looked in the Worcester area and in Rhode Island but found prices far too high. Michael had always liked the grand houses in Springfield, so they started looking in the city and found a gracious 1903 Colonial Revival home in the Forest Park Heights Historic District in 2005.

Michael and Jessica enjoy Downtown's night spots and restaurants, exhibitions at the nearby Big E, and easy access to Northampton and the Berkshires. They often take their corgi for walks in Forest Park and really like the sense of community with their neighbors, many of whom are also newcomers. Jess and Mike attribute that trend to people discovering Springfield's great house values and proximity to the regional employment and recreational centers.

Michael is also involved in

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