Marita & Dick Bausman

Dick and Marita Bausman lived in Maine, Rhode Island, New York, and--for the past 20 years-- Ohio as Dick served as pastor to various Baptist churches. On retiring, they decided to move closer to their daughter in New York City and son on Martha's Vineyard. They first looked in Rhode Island but found houses too expensive. Their son suggested looking in Western Massachusetts. Dick and Marita prefer living in cities for their convenience, diversity, and options and because they want to live in a place where they can make a difference.

They found a 1960s Cape in East Forest Park which fit their needs. They regularly attend the plays at the Majestic Theatre, are impressed with the high quality of the Springfield Symphony, and are thrilled to receive WFCR, the local NPR station. They enjoy visiting Forest Park and exploring various restaurants. And, they love the view of the Wilbraham Mountains from the end of their street.

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