Morocco Flowers

Celebrated photographer Morocco Flowers moved to Springfield in 2008. He’d lived in big cities since his college days, but in the early part of the twenty-first century, decided to move to Western Mass. He had known people from Springfield for several years, including a college roommate in Boston, and really enjoyed the architecture and sense of community in the city.

He looked at several locations before settling on the Kimball. One of the things that sold him on the Kimball was that even before he lived there, he received an open welcome from the people in the building.

As a visual artist, Morocco really appreciates being able to pop over to the wonderful Springfield Museums, a two minute walk from his home. As an ice-cream eater, he also likes being able to pop downtown to a convenience store when he wants a snack. He’s a city dweller, and appreciates the amenities this city has to offer. “It’s convenient,” says Morocco. 

What surprised him most was how clean the downtown is, and how little crime there is. He tells people thinking about moving to Springfield to “come in, walk around, say hi to people, and keep an open mind.”

Mr. Flowers has traveled around the world as a photographer and has chosen to call Springfield his home. Won’t you do the same?

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