Rob Robinson

Rob Robinson lived in Wilbraham, MA for many years before moving to Springfield. He began graduate studies at Springfield College (where he now teaches) and decided to purchase a home here. He considered moving to East Longmeadow, but found the value of homes in Springfield unbeatable. He was surprised by how friendly his neighbors were, and loves that people are out in their yards, taking care of their houses, and creating a really safe and nice environment.

Rob enjoys visiting City Stage and Symphony Hall, and he also has several favorite restaurants around the city: Red Rose, Typical Sicilian and Max’s Tavern among them. He likes to go downtown on a Saturday morning and visit Mom & Rico’s and Frigo’s to pick up authentic Italian food in those family owned shops.

Rob’s neighborhood was hit by the June 2011 tornado, and he was deeply impressed by the camaraderie of the neighborhood and the city as a whole. People came out and helped each other however they could.

Some of the amenities that Rob enjoys are the public sewer system, trash pick up and street lights – none of which existed in the rural community where he lived previously.

 Rob’s advice to someone considering a move to Springfield? “Don’t believe what you read in the newspaper; visit neighborhoods and evaluate the city on its own merits; there are lots of plusses to living here.”

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