Relocation FAQs & Links

Deeds/Titles:The Hampden County Registry of Deeds provides on-line and in-person access to property information including title and deed history. (413) 755-1722.

Utilities:Springfield's electricity is supplied by Western Mass Electric Utilities informationCompany (WMECO). Call them at (800) 286-2000 to sign up for service. Call Baystate Gas at (800) 677-5052 to set up new residential gas service. There are many private oil companies who supply heating oil to homes.

Public Schools:To enroll your children in the Springfield Public Schools, contact the Parent Information Center at (413) 787-7276. To see what public schools are assigned by street address, click here.

Trash/recycling/yard waste: Springfield residents benefit from free bi-weekly curbside recycling of paper, glass, and plastic recyclable materials.images-4_sidebar Yard waste is also picked up on the same bi-weekly schedule from April to December. There is a $90.00 annual fee for weekly household trash removal, or you can arrange your service. Bulk items may be picked up curbside for a small fee, and hazardous materials may be brought to the dump to be disposed of several times a year. Information on trash, recycling, and yard waste removal can be found at the City's Department of Public Works web page.

Historic Districts: Springfield has six historic districts designed to protect the exteriors of the homes that comprise them; exteriors of such homes may not be altered without permission from the Springfield Historical Commission. There are specific guidelines for the stewardship of historic homes in each historic district. The commission can be reached at (413) 787-6020.

Additional information: Additional information about city services can be found at the City of Springfield's web site, or by calling (413) 787-6000. As of May 2009, there is a program to help city employees purchase a home in Springfield. Go to to find out more.

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